Lamoille County Conservation District Trout Sale

Spring Trout Sale Details

Deadline for ordering is April 28th.

Orders of 6‐8” trout must be picked up on May 3rd between 12:00 and 1:00 pm at Oxbow Park (at the end of Portland Street past Morrisville Lumber). After 1:00 pm, we will forfeit unclaimed orders and will not keep the trout. Trout are provided in an air sealed large plastic bag. It’s best to stock trout immediately in your pond after pick up to insure their survival.

Orders of 10‐12” trout will be delivered by the trout farm anytime on the afternoons of May 3rd or May 4th. Price per lot includes delivery. We cannot schedule deliveries. A flag at the delivery site and/or an order confirmation will be left onsite. Please include directions to the best location to leave confirmation and specific directions from the nearest route to your pond with your order and payment. Addresses will be mapped via Google and GPS with other deliveries. Split deliveries within one mile include a $30 additional charge.

No news is good news! You will not receive a confirmation for your order or a reminder. We will contact you only if we cannot process your order. Retain a copy of your order form and PLEASE mark your calendars. Phone calls are not accepted on the day of the sale.

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Lots available for Pick Up ONLY – 6‐8” trout

Lots available for DELIVERY – 10‐12” trout

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Additional Information

Common Questions and Answers:

Will trout live in my pond? Which trout species is better for my pond?

Trout survive best in cold oxygenated water maintaining a water temperature of 65℉ as long as there are springs or a source of water flowing into the pond, small ponds to large ponds will accommodate both species of trout. If waters are not consistently flowing into the pond, then the pond should be at least 8’ in depth and shaded to maintain temperatures in summer and winter. Ponds that have well oxygenated flowing waters support Brook trout best. If water warms in the summer, Rainbow trout have a higher success rate.

How many trout and how often should I stock in my pond? Should I feed the trout?

The number and size of fish depend on the water flow, chemistry, and available food source. The general rule of thumb is 100 8” trout per 1/4 acre of open surface area. If the waters are spring fed, and the temperatures are consistent then stocking once every few years may work. If there are predators such as heron, mink, or fishers present than you may want to stock annually. Large trout will feed on smaller trout that are half their size. Ponds that are older than three years should have enough aqua􀆟c insect larvae, worms, tadpoles, etc. for trout to eat. Newer ponds that lack substrate such as a vegetative buffer around the pond, and submerged and benthic plants may not support these natural foods. Feeding fish may cause an increase in nutrients to the pond which can then lead to algae.

What can I do about algae in my pond?

LCCD provides site visits for pond owners to assess pond conditions and make recommendations.