Lamoille County Conservation District Tree Sale

Conservation trees are available for sale! Please pre-order from this select list of native trees and shrubs and pick up at our parking lot at 109 Professional Dr., Morrisville VT on April 29th from 10am-12pm.

Deadline for ordering is April 21st. No refunds or late pickups. Trees not picked up on time will be planted in one of our annual stream restoration plantings so at least they will be put to good use. Also, viability of trees is not guaranteed once planted so no refunds can be asked for if trees do not survive. That is the nature of things so speak! This Tree Sale is intended to help the continued conservation programming that LCCD does so consider your purchase more than just buying a tree but an investment in the thousands of trees we plant annually to restore habitats and work towards climate resilience moving forward.

Members receive 5% off their total order. If you did not get your Membership Coupon for the discount, email us at [email protected].

Not a member yet? No problem… go here to learn about membership privileges and how you can join!

No news is good news! You will not receive a confirmation for your order or a reminder. We will contact you only if we cannot process your order. Retain a copy of your order form and PLEASE mark your calendars. Phone calls are not accepted on the day of the sale.

Get some Lamoille Soil compost when you pick up your tree!

Made with local food scraps, Lamoille Soil compost is the perfect amendment for your tree-planting needs. A LRSWMD representative will be at pick-up to hand out coupons for $5 off cubic yard sales (which can be picked up at Lamoille Soil in Johnson). 5-gallon bags of compost will also be available for immediate purchase for $3 when you pick up your tree (while supplies last).