Stormwater Projects

Lamoille Stormwater Improvement Project

The Lamoille Stormwater Improvement Project a large and continued effort by Lamoille County Conservation District (LCCD) to reduce the effects of non-point source pollution in the form of stormwater runoff from developed land areas, and to implement Green Infrastructure Stormwater (GSI) practices in the Lamoille River (and Winooski) Watershed. LCCD assists local landowners, educational institutions, and municipalities to follow Vermont’s Non-Point Pollution Reduction Program, by implementing sediment and stormwater reduction practices coming from roads, parking lots, and developed areas.

The Morrisville Stormwater Master Plan

MorristownSWMP_Final_Report (1)Developed by Watershed Consulting Associates in partneship with Morritown, Lamoille County Planning Commission, The VT Agency of Natural Resources, Landowners, and LCCD.

Hyde Park Stormwater Master Plan

HydeParkSWMP_Final_Report (1)Developed by Watershed Consulting Associates in partner ship with Hyde Park, Lamoille County Planning Commission, The VT Agency of Natural Resources, Landowners and LCCD

Regional Hydroseeder Project

LCCD has coordinated shareholders among seven municipalities (Eden, Elmore, Morrisville, Stowe, Jeffersonville, Hyde Park and Johnson) since 2000 for a Regional Hydroseeder Project. The Regional Hydroseeder Project allows each shareholder access to an otherwise out of reach in expense piece of equipment used to apply grass seed along roads instead of the labor-intensive task of hand seeding or the expensive option to rock line ditches. Lamoille County alone spends thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year to remedy issues such as erosion, undermining, and washouts. These costs can be mitigated or avoided completely by implementing techniques such as vegetative stabilization. The hydroseeder is good for water quality and for town budgets. Original funds for the purchase of the equipment were made available through the Clean and Clear Grant Program. Additional municipalities are welcome to join the program at any time, please call (802) 888-9218 ext.113 for more information.

Regional Vactor Project

Using LCCD’s model Hydroseeder collaborative agreement, six towns (Morrisville, Johnson, Waterbury, and Richmond) participate in using a vacuum excavator or Vactor. Vactor’s assist towns in cleaning and maintaining sewer, catch basins, and stormwater lines from debris, chemicals, sediments, leaves, and other pollutants that enter storm drains and eventually travel to waterways. The grants to purchase the equipment was made possible through the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Stormwater Division, for a Vermont Agency of Transportation Municipal Highway Stormwater Mitigation Program Grant.

Regional Vactor

Green Stormwater Infrastructure – Stormwater Solutions

LCCD has completed a number Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Practices throughout the years in Lamoille County. By implementing GSI practices such as rain gardens, bioretention areas, or bioswales, etc. LCCD’s goal is to reduce nonpoint source pollution in the form of stormwater runoff from developed land areas that eventually lead to waterways. GSI projects have the ability to create awareness for landowners to install best management practices by demonstrating sustainable development. LCCDs goal is to broaden the capacity for volunteer participation by providing technical assistance and learning opportunities ranging from mapping, project or landscape design, and installation practices for a variety of audiences depending on the project and/or group. LCCD has received numerous grants from the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP), Lake Champlain Basin Program, and to date, generous help from the Town of Morristown, and Hyde Park. Below is a list of some of the GSI Practices installed by LCCD after construction.