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2023 Summer Pavilion Project

For over twenty years, the Lamoille County Conservation District LCCD has been providing nature-based education through the Lamoille County Nature Center (LCNC), Mud City Forest school and our Forest Camp program. Days spent in the fields and woods allow children to develop a long and lasting relationship with nature that will inspire our future leaders and stewards of the land. It is approximately 40 acres in size and provides trails that include educational signage.

Every year we improve the infrastructure and accessibility to the grounds and every year we provide more curriculum materials for the youth that participate in the camp programs. One element that is sorely lacking is a permanent shelter for campers and a space to hold meetings and workshops for the Lamoille County Conservation District.

Stream Wise 2023 a Sucess!

Stream Wise 2023 a Sucess!

With support from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, we have successfully completed our first season of Stream Wise! We visited 5 properties throughout the county and walked the stream banks on their land. We were delighted to see such knowledge and effort to support...

Library Hop Grant Recieved!

Library Hop Grant Recieved!

Help us celebrate the Lamoille River that ties us all together in Lamoille County. Coming to a library near you this winter, a hands on chance to learn about our river, how to protect it and why it matters to our community. Library locations and dates TBA.

Our favorite part of the month is when Lamoille County Conservation District comes to visit! The kids love the hands-on activities and models that Emily brings. Our preschoolers wish she was here every day, and we always learn a lot from her.

Mary Cochran

Arrowhead Farm School

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My favorite thing about Forest School is exploring the forest with my friends. I love all the poems we write and crafts we do. It’s just fun and better than regular school!

Thatcher, camper and Forest School Student

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