Field Trip Descriptions

Interested in treating your class to a Nature Center field trip?  LCCD hosts guided field trips September-October and May-June. We also provide custom curriculum field trips for an addition planning and preparations charge. Bus-free field trips within walking distance to your school are available for many schools. Have an idea? Reach out to us and lets make it happen! Contact [email protected]


Habitat Investigators (K-3rd)

Take a guided hike to hunt for clues as to what types of wildlife call LCNC’s forest home.

Then head to the pond to explore the macroinvertebrates and amphibians that spend at least part of their life cycle in the water.

NGSS Alignment: K-LS1-1: LS1.C; K-ESS2-2: ESS2.E; K-ESS3-1: ESS3.A; K-ESS3-3: ESS3.C; 1-LS1-1: LS1.A, LS1.D; 1-LS1-2: LS1.B; 1-LS3-1: LS3.A; 2-LS4-1: LS4.D; 3-LS1-1: LS1.B.

Eco-Explorers (4th-6th)

Students dig into science as we investigate the diversity of critters living throughout the forest floor and in an aquatic food chain at the pond.

Who is a producer, a herbivore, a carnivore, a decomposer? How does energy flow through the food chain?

NGSS Alignment: 4-LS1-1: LS1.A; 5-PS3-1: PS3.D, LS1.C; 5-LS1-1: LS1.C; 5-LS2-1: LS2.A, LS2.B; MS-LS1-6: LS1.C; MS-LS2-3: LS2.B; MS-LS2-2: LS2.A;   

Forest Detectives (4th-6th)

Hit the trail with LCNC’s educator to read clues to learn a forest’s history.

Then “read the rings” to discover a tree’s birthday and some clues to its history.

NGSS Alignment: 4-ESS2-1: ESS2.E; 5-LS2-1: LS2.A, LS2.B; 5-ESS3-1: ESS3.C; MS-LS2-4: LS2.C; MS-ESS2-2: ESS2.A;     



Cost is $8 per student.